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Earthquake Preparedness: Are you ready for the "big one?"

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The recent earthquakes in Southern California have been an apt reminder to those of us in the Pacific Northwest that we are not outside of the danger zone (or more accurately, the subduction zone) of an impending high-magnitude earthquake. After an informative and well-presented class with Steve Eberlein, who founded Tipping Point Resilience and gave a TED Talk on the matter, we left with one resounding takeaway: have a plan. Steve's Ted Talk and presentation touch upon the culture of denial ("this will never happen here"), taboo ("only crazy people are disaster preppers") and conformity ("no one else is worrying about it)" that is pervasive in particularly in our mild and predictable Northwestern landscape cities- and how we can start changing our attitudes.

See how to put together your own Emergency Plan, and start assembling a kit for you and your family.

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