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Mid-April the Best Time to List

Home sellers who list during the week of April 10–16 will be able to take advantage of the spring buying season’s anticipated strong demand, high asking prices, quick home sales, and lowered competition from other sellers, according to®’s fourth annual Best Time to Sell Report. Those who list that week will likely get a head start on the competition.

Each year,®’s research team analyzes recent market conditions to pinpoint the optimal week to list a home. The team found home prices and buyer demand are rising earlier in 2022 than in years past.

“Homeowners who are thinking about selling this spring still have time to get ready,” says Danielle Hale,®’s chief economist. “Preparation is especially important this year since market dynamic could shift quickly along with factors like rising mortgage rates, inflation, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.”

Mortgage rates have been rising more quickly than expected. That could prompt potential home buyers to move into the housing market more quickly this spring to lock in lower monthly payments.®’s analysis shows that accelerating home prices also may prompt buyers to take advantage of the spring market earlier than in the past. As such, sellers who list from April 10–16 could secure asking prices that are nearly 11% higher—or $39,000 more—when compared to the start of this year, according to®’s research.

Source:, 3/15/2022.

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