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Smart questions to ask of your potential Realtor during your listing appointment

Not only do you want a sharp & experienced agent when you start the process of selling your home, you also want the RIGHT agent. They are the ones who will be responsible for taking you through this very important process - one with a very big price tag attached to it! So don't be afraid to ask these very important questions.

Are You A Full-Time Realtor?

You don't want to work with someone who has another side-hustle! Full-time Realtors are professionals who make themselves accessible at all times, have a more profound knowledge of the business, and will be able to work successfully to get your home sold!

Do you have a marketing strategy to sell my Home?

All Realtors are not the same. Your chosen agent should have a well thought out marketing plan which shows you step by step what they will do to sell your home. This critical piece includes everything from listing, showing and closing the transaction.

How much is my home worth?

Before they even get there, the RIGHT agent will have a sense of the neighborhood values, price per square foot, how many homes in your neighborhood have sold recently, etc. Be certain to understand that an unrealistically high list price may actually get you less money in the end. Overpricing is dangerous business, so don't be tempted by the Realtor with the highest price opinion. Let them take the time to fully research the value AFTER they've walked through your home. (Has Zillow walked through your home? If not, the Zestimate is probably not accurate!) Once your Realtor goes back to their computer to dig into the details, they should arrive at a true, realistic market value for you.

How Long Will It Will Take to Sell My Home?

The RIGHT agent is aware of the average days on the market of comparable properties, and they should have an answer based on research on your specific neighborhood. In addition, they need to demonstrate their knowledge of your type of property, the market behavior on a larger scale, and how it will affect your home's days on the market.

What should I do to prepare for marketing my home?

The right agent knows what sells, how to stage the home for selling, which colors impress today's buyers, and many more suggestions. Not only that, they should have a list of service providers who can help you get your home in good shape and looking its best before you list it. Little repairs and tidying up go a long way towards making the house sell more quickly and for more money.

Your agent should be able to easily walk you through this process and set up a checklist for you to follow to keep you on track.

Please contact me for more information on this topic! caryperk@windermere.comIGHT (503) 720-4455. Let me show you why I am the RIGHT agent to sell your home!

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