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The Coming Millennial Home Buying Spree

I've touched on these topics recently, most specifically the fact that our children don't want our "heirlooms" anymore, but now we learn they don't want our large houses either.

Joanna Gaines is this generation's Martha Stewart... with her ship lap and shabby chic decor A majority of millennial buyers prefer kitchens that are grey and white. (it is this generation's version of our 70s avocado kitchens!) They love homes that are near paths for walking their dogs, and extra points if you're within a mile of Whole Foods (or in Portland, New Seasons Grocery is the one that adds value to your home) They love open concept floor plans and a bathroom for every bedroom. They also love mud rooms!

Please see the article below for more info on the millennial buyer!

Millennial Home Buying Spree Thanks to The Robin Report for this interesting article!

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